How To Build A Chicken Coop


Finding Chicken Coop Blueprints

Chicken coop blueprints can be found online by the hundreds. Sources are not the problem, the primary concern is finding coop building plans that are simple and easy to execute.

Learn to build your own chicken coopFor DIY enthusiasts, building plans that allow them to exercise their creativity and also promise a perfectly functional final product would be a treasured gift. So, what to choose among the many? Here are a few tips:

1) Easy to read and understand. Building plans that are too complicated will not help a builder's diy cause. Choose chicken coop blueprints that do not try to cram several procedures into one single step and do not have too many arrows pointing everywhere. Colored blueprints are better since the reader can clearly distinguish one part from another.

2) Downloadable and printable. Most builders find it easier to follow instructions if they are staring at hard copies. Since building coops would likely be an outdoor activity (or in a shed or a garage), it would be difficult to have a laptop on at all times.

3) Detailed. Building plans for chicken houses should be detailed; meaning, they should touch upon the necessary parts of a coop, including perches, nests, ventilation, protective cover, feeding and watering and litter areas. They should not be too technical and instructions should be easy to understand.

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4) Appropriate for the builder's personal parameters. The plans should fit the requirements of the builder or the owner of the chickens. It should be right for the number of chickens, the size of the location, the weather condition and other factors beyond coop design.

5) Reasonable expenses. The chicken coop blueprints should not require the builder to spend too much. Materials should be easy to find or can be purchased in a low price.

6) City regulations are considered. There are specifications that backyard chicken breeders need to follow depending on where they live. Building plans for chicken houses should address these rules so that owners will avoid legal troubles.

7) More than a blueprint. The best building plans for chicken coops are those that also offer tips and advice on how to raise chickens. Steps on building a small flock into a bigger number for higher returns would not be too bad. It might be better to choose plans made by expert chicken breeders as they know the best way to address all the aspects of chicken breeding.

Chicken coop blueprints should be easy to understand, easy to execute and must not require unreasonable expenses from the builder. Choose the right building plans and half of the project's success is already achieved.

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Building a Chicken Coop Guide

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